Published manuscripts:

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Manuscripts in review:

Prothro, L.O., Majewski, W., Yokoyama, Y., Simkins, L.M., Anderson, J.B., Yamane, M., Miyairi, Y., Ohkouchi, N., The dynamic retreat of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet: An assessment of timing, pathways, and forcings, in review with Quaternary Science Reviews


Manuscripts in preparation:

Prothro, L.O., Anderson, J.B., Yokoyama, Y., Majewski, W., The role of subglacial meltwater in grounding-line retreat through Marguerite Bay, Antarctica, in prep

Majewski, W., Prothro, L.O., Simkins, L.M., Demianiuk, E.J., Anderson, J.B., Foraminiferal patterns in post-LGM sediments from western Ross Sea, Antarctica, in prep

Other publications:

Prothro, L.O., Ice-induced plowing of the seafloor. In: Cochran, K., Bokuniewicz, H., Yager, P.L, eds. Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences, in press for 2019 edition